Pros and Cons Britax Marathon Clicktight

Britax MarathonWhat do you think about convertible car seat? Yes, it is one of the types of the car seat safety for children. As it is known that seat safety for children is very important in the car so that is why you as the parents should provide this car for your children.

Then, one of the car seat safety for children which you can choose is Britax Marathon Clicktight. In this seat car from Britax manufacturer, you may will find both pros and cons.

Pros of Britax Marathon Car Seat Safety

To begin with, it will talk more about the cons of the Britax Marathon Clicktight manual. Here, you will get some great things of this car seat. For you who want to choose the best car seat, this manual car seat can be a good choice since it will help you more in order that you can provide safety for your children in the car. Some causes that you may find is below.

Harness Height Adj of the Car Seat

In this first cons, the manufacturer designs it as the car seat which is in the middle for its harness height adj. Here, you may find that the weight of the seat is about 18 pounds. Indeed, it is a good news since you will get a good car seat that will be easier to take anywhere you want. The weight itself is compared to the some car seats safety for children that have the weight up to 35 pounds.

Britax Marathon Clicktight

Britax Marathon Clicktight Installation

Talking more about the installation, you will get a great installation here. There will be two installation you can try here that are latch and seat belts. For the latch itself, you can find that it is very easy to be installed.

From the test, this car seat safety get 9 from 10 rank about the latch installation. That is why it will be good for you. After that, if you talk about the seat belts installation, in this case you will get the same easiness as well. The rank that is reached for the seat belts installation is 8 of 10. See Britax marathon clicktight review 2017.

Easy to Use

Britax Marathon 2016Moreover, another pros that all people can find from this Britax Marathon Clicktight is that about the easiness to use the seat itself. With the result of the test that us 7 of 10, it is proven that the car seat will be nice for all of you. The comfort of the seat also becomes another good thing from this car seat safety.

Cons in Britax Marathon Clicktight Review

Meanwhile, this car seat safety from Britax will still have cons, something that makes the product a little bit give people disappointment. In this case, the cons of the Britax Marathon Clicktight car seat is in its hidden belt pathway. As having been known that the belt pathway should be easy to be found. However the hidden belt pathway here somehow can cause the people is a little bit difficult to use the seat belt.